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I am SO excited to finally be able to share this new series with you.

The Alliance book 1 in The Rockstar Alliance Series is releasing December 15 2017. Ivy & Kayden, A Novella Book 1.5 in the series is releasing January 12 2018.

The Alliance Blurb

He’s a superstar. She’s devoted. Together, they’re dangerous.

When eighteen-year-old Ivy Blake gets the chance of a lifetime, she can’t believe her luck. The Alliance has been her favorite band for as long as she can remember, and its front man, none other than uber sexy Kayden Bennet, is reason enough to want to follow them to the ends of the earth. But when she meets her idols, she gets more than a simple handshake. She gets a whirlwind romance and a taste of what’s it’s like to live the Rockstar life.

Before she knows what’s hit her, the big star lifestyle takes a dark, frightening turn. Female fans loathe her. The media can’t get enough of them. Someone from her past emerges, threatening to expose secrets that could end their relationship and possibly destroy all aspects of her life.

Can Ivy keep her sworn enemy at bay or will her secrets be exposed before she has a chance to explain?

Ivy & Kayden Blurb

Who knew loving a Rockstar could be so dangerous?

Ivy & Kayden’s whirlwind romance continues in this The Alliance novella by Rockstar Romance Author ClareMarie!

Life is finally coming together for Ivy. The man of her dreams on her arm, an engagement ring on her finger, her nightmare behind her, life couldn’t be better for the couple… for now.

Kayden refused to leave her side when the past came to haunt her, and won’t leave her side now that the media has gotten wind of her sordid tale. To top it off, fans are clamoring for the truth.

If they don’t rein in the drama soon, their fate will be in jeopardy. Can they satisfy the frenzied fans and the media without sacrificing their love in the process?

Also on June 30th, I am releasing a single called Deny Me (feat. Tom Bedlam)
Deny Me is the main song featured in The Alliance that I wrote.

Click here for a snippet.

Single will be available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, physical CD from Amazon On Demand and anywhere else for downloading/streaming music.

I have more book news announcing soon, including audiobook news, so stay tuned!!! For now, there's an extra treat below.

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Deny Me Lyrics

Verse 1
Time turns flames to Ashes.
Time changes like the weather.
And now time is changing you and I forever.
And now the weather has changed and it's winter but even without it we'll still be cold.
The winters only made us colder.
There's ice where our hearts used to be.
They're beating slower barely able to breathe baby what are you doing to me?

Oh, oh, oh.
If you deny me after all we been through, after all we fought through, then you're destroying my faith.
I wish I knew from the start that later down the road you would deny me but how was I supposed to know that all I knew would deny me.
Would defy me.
Would deny me.
Would defy me.
Would deny me.
Baby you denied me.

Verse 2
You can't just walk away but yet there you walked while I watched your back fade into the lights of the city.
You said one day baby I'm gonna marry you now your saying I'm never gonna see you.
I'm confused, I thought our story was written now we're a book that's never going to be published.
They're beating slower barely able to breathe baby what are you doing to me?

Middle Verse
Now I'm left alone with scars as reminders.
Was this the game all along?
Now I'm left alone with scars as reminders.
Was this the game all along?

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