Spells, Potions and Research!!!

Hey Everyone, how are you all today? I haven't blogged in a while but that's because I have been so busy writing but today I want to share what I've been doing.

Well to start with I have two books about to be released in the summer and information on those will be revealed soon as well as pre order links. Second is that I'm so caught up in writing and the worlds I'm creating and my characters keep insisting I tell they story, so I am.

Thirdly is that I have written my own spells and now I need to make potions and wow, I didn't realise how much research it takes to study witchcraft and the correct magical herbs etc to match my spells.

This is all research for my novels in The Shadows Trilogy. I'm not actually into witchcraft or will be making the actual potions and I won't be saying any of my spells out loud haha, I ain't messing with that.

That's all for today because Ava is shouting at me to keep writing and she's hard to ignore haha.

Love Always,